I want a new lens, but idk nothing! :/ Help

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Re: I want a new lens, but idk nothing! :/ Help

Just an update,

Today i tested my new 16f28, well, the "fov" from the kit lens 18mm to 16mm its not big at all... I believe that this lens are 100% only usable with the wide-angle/fisheye adapter.

I still don't know which one to pick, i say wide, my brother fisheye.

Now, with the 35f18 and 50f18. After a full day playing around i decided to pick the 50mmf18. I have to get a lot closer with the 35, also the DoF of the 50mm its better. Is hard for me because i like the black stylish 35f18... but i need to be realistic, 50mm is a lot better for portrait imo.

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