Tripod fitting these constraints?

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Re: Tripod fitting these constraints?

river251 wrote:

Hank3152 wrote:

Depending on your budget you may find a suitable series matching your quest from Gitzo. However they don't use lever leg locks as don't other premium tripod makers like RRS. Twist leg locks are quicker, more secure, less prone to break or creep, and less obtrusive when folded/stowed.

Thanks Hank. I have only used levers, which seem fast, and I imagined you would have to twist each setion's lock whereas with levers you can hit them all at once. Can you give one twist to all of the twist locks at once? (I mean on one leg, not the whole tripod )

Yes, since they are all grouped when compressed, just like this monopod below.........just wrap your hand around 3 of them at once and give it a 1/4 turn.

My first tripods were by Manfrotto and I thought levers were the way to go until I bought a Gitzo and now see why the premium ones all use twist locks for the aformentioned reasons. Besides, the legs do not rotate either, they just slide straight out........

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