If the future is FF, where are the non-L walkarounds?

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Re: Hmm?

atlien991 wrote:

brightcolours wrote:

Why do people choose FF? For the possibility of higher IQ and more shallow DOF. There are no other reasons that are legit.

So. Why would low quality, small aperture lenses make any sense at all?

You can't get the high ISO capability of the 6D on a crop sensor so that is another reason people go FF. That might make a reasonably sharp but not very fast non-L lens a viable option.

You do not get a much higher ISO capability (quality wise) with a smaller aperture... It will remain more or less the same.

If you for instance use f5.6 on FF, the equivalent (DOF wise) on APS-C will be 5.6 / 1.6 = f3.5. If you use ISO 6400 for instance on FF, the equivalent (exposure time wise) will then be 6400 / 1.6 / 1.6 = ISO 2500 on APS-C.

I think that the current 18mp APS-C sensor does quite well at ISO 3200 even.

So the advantage ISO noise performance wise might not be as big as you imagine.

Of course, the advantage grows when you go into realms APS-C can not offer... But then we are again talking about bigger apertures.

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