6D vs D600 Astrophotography

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Re: 6D vs D600 Astrophotography

Digitaliz wrote:

I use 5D Mk3 with Samyang 14/2.8. I believe thats exactly the same lens as Rokinon.

There is no need fot me to use liveview to focus since infinte beacuse the lens wont focus beyond infinity.

My copy of Samyang is tac sharp at F:2.8 even at the corners like most reviews of this lens states.

My copy focused at infinity at about 1.5m on the lens scale and continued to turn to the infinity mark, which was obviously well beyond infinity focus.  This focus calibration behavior is well documented as being pretty common with this lens and there are even utube tutorials on opening up the lens barrel to move the lens calibration marks to line up with actual lens performance.  I calibrated infinity with magnified Live View and put marks on a piece of tape on the lens barrel.

I am aware that this lens was designed for crop bodied cameras, and that FF performance was not guaranteed.   I expected quite a bit of corner vignetting but found the corner softness to be unacceptable at f2.8 on FF.

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