What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: Disasters shouldn't negate customer respect

Robin Casady wrote:

John M Roberts wrote:

They could have been more transparent in their situation and copped to some of these problems. They could have shared some numbers, if in fact they are so few, to help assure their customers that they care and that buying a D800 doesn't have to be felt like a crapshoot. That they have not done this causes me hesitation. I have never in all my purchases of camera gear from various brands ever had the concerns I have now and that is over 40 years.

To me, the hardships of disaster is no excuse for lack of customer respect.

I have to wonder what planet you are from?

Same planet as yours but apparently I'm seeing it with rose colored glasses as far as expectations go. Sadly you are right and it is ridiculous to expect more from most large companies. Thanks for the wake up.

Can you think of a company that is quickly forthcoming about problems with their products? It usually only happens when government agencies force them to do recalls.

Toyota was not forthcoming about their QC problems until the US Government and the media had beaten them up severely. Apple has buried a number of QC problems that enraged customers and made for a lot of forum chatter. Remember Ford's handling of the flaming Pinto, and the roll-over SUV?

There were a number of minor problems with the 2007 MINI Cooper S that MINI/BMW tried to hide. They had internal memos on them, so they knew about the problems, but only went public with the things that the government forced them to recall.

Many states in the USA have Lemon Laws for cars because the car companies are so bad about such issues. There has to be a great deal of public sentiment on an issue for lawmakers to go against the corporate lobbyists and enact consumer protection laws.

This expectation that Nikon should be candid about non-lethal problems with their cameras is expecting them to be different from the majority of large corporations. The reasons corporations are this way is because it is what works best for them. If a corporation announced that they have problems, nobody pats them on the back for being honest. They stop buying their products.

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"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts."
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