Lighting door slabs in a studio?

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Re: Lighting door slabs in a studio?

What's a door slab? Was there supposed to be an image attached to this post?

For general purpose documentary photography, a large-ish softbox (relative to subject size) from above, and slightly in front of, your subject is a good place to start. If your door slabs are 6 feet long, you probably want a 4ft x 6 ft softbox to light it to best effect. Then you want a light stand and boom big and strong enough to suspend it over the object being shot.

If you can rent anything, and money isn't a major concern, I'd say rent a 800 WS studio flash, 4ft x 6ft softbox, and light stand and counterweighted boom heavy enough to suspend the softbox above your door slabs, out of camera view and slightly in front.

If the softbox/boom is too hard to pull off, you could also just shoot in a room with white ceilings and walls, and aim a studio flash with a 60 degree reflector up at the ceiling, and flood the room with light. That would give nice even light that's slightly directional.

(You'll also need a flash meter and a crash course on using it.)

kcrudolph wrote:

To start, I am an Art Director for a small agency. I have taken college photography classes and been taking pictures for the last 8 years. I've only done small table top product shoots for clients, headshots by a window using natural light and outdoor shots to this point. My company oversold my abilities and now I am shooting door slabs in a studio for a client.

I can rent pretty much anything I need from the studio so my question is just about setup.

How should I shoot these door slabs? I am thinking I should lay them down flat and shoot from above. I have to fly down to Phoenix on a Monday night and setup/shoot Tuesday and a half day Wednesday so I can't make anything before to hold the doors upright.

I shoot a 5D Mark II with a Sigma 24-70 F2.8 lens.

Any suggestions on lighting/setup would be greatly appreciated!


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5D Mark II

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