Going on Safari - but which camera XS-1 or Nikon D700?

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Re: Going on Safari - but which camera XS-1 or Nikon D700?

2nd degree wrote:

My initial concerns were over reach. An APS-C would be equivalent to about 500mm though (200x 1.7 TC x crop factor).

I think that if its a choice between 500mm on a DSLR or 600mm on a XS-1, surely the DSLR is the way to go.

One option is to buy a F800 and take it with you as a pocket emergency camera and wide angle backup. They are cheap, reliable and capable little cameras and the colour, DR and exposure is spot on. The 24-500 lens means that if there is a glitch with the big camera, you still have a way of getting the shot. It won't be nearly as crisp as the Nikon shot but it will still be a great memory.

Also if animals come up to the vehicle or you see something scenic that is interesting and you want a quick wide shot, the Fuji will let you do that without decoupling the Nikon lens and risking getting dust in it or into the camera.

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