Going on Safari - but which camera XS-1 or Nikon D700?

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Re: Going on Safari - but which camera XS-1 or Nikon D700?

2nd degree wrote:

Hi All,

After some advice here. Lucky enough to be going to Kenya (Tsavo East) later this year. I currently shoot with a D700 and have the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 and a 1.7 TC.

No way is 340mm going to be enough on a safari. I took my mates D7000 and Nikon 300mm f.2.8 with the 1.7TC to the zoo and found I either didn't have enough reach for some enclosures or too much for the others.

Naturally I'm reluctant to take this combo with me for a few reasons:

1. Don't really want to be swapping lenses when I need wider shots (dust and inconvenience)

2. Risk of damage/theft.

3. Weight

Will weight be an issue? That combo is not that heavy and a lot of the time you will be in a vehicle.

I have thought about the XS-1 as viable alternative but wondering if I may feel frustrated by it compared to the D700.

Naturally the focal length and IQ of the larger sensor appeal to me but the last hybrid camera I used was the Fuji Z602 (a great camera at the time) which I appreciate was some years ago!

My main concerns are the EVF and lag I suppose. Would love to go along to Jessops and try one out but alas thats no longer possible!!! Do you guys reckon the XS-1 would be a good choice fo Safari?

I would quite happily take my X-S1 on a safari, I wouldn't listen to marike6 he obviously struggles when using a camera that takes a little bit of know how to use.

Anyone can get great pictures with a DSLR, using a bridge camera takes a lot more skill, but it's also a lot more rewarding when you get shots that others don't because they have a DSLR with 300mm or less.

In good light, which I take you will have, the X-S1 takes fantastic pictures.

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