X100 or wait for X100s?

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Re: X100 or wait for X100s?

JoeRadza wrote:

Sulis2 wrote:

This is exactly what I am doing. I have a refurb X100 (1 year warranty, so no problems re SAB) which I have been using happily, but am aware of the limitations. I will get the X100s and see if the improvements are worth the £500 difference in price - if not, I will send it back...

Exactly why there should be substantial restocking fees. You must be a blast at a restaurant.

Hugely successful online companies like Amazon have very liberal return policies exactly for this purpose. How can a company possibly expect you to drop $1300 on a camera sight unseen with any shred of confidence unless you have the ability to return it without a penalty? Amazon and B&H together have ran countless brick and mortar photo stores out of business and are reaping huge profits because of this. Reading all the reviews in the world won't take the place of trying it out in person.

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