How limiting is lack of image stabilization in Pany bodies?

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idiotekniQues wrote:

mrxak wrote:

Anders W wrote:

I think you put the finger on exactly the right spot here. Nobody needs IBIS.

Thus, lack of IBIS is not a limitation. Thank you for agreeing. That's all the OP wanted to know.

nobody NEEDS fairly clean 3200 ISO shots either. after all, you did fine with them back in the day of dinosaurs.

nobody NEEDS a camera able to switch from 200 to 1600 ISO with the flip of a switch instead of changing rolls of film or using another body, after all you did fine with those back in the day of dinosaurs. therefore they are really useless to any skilled photographer.

again. sorry buddy, your logic sucks.

What are you, 13? Why are you being so aggressive to the guy trying to answer the question in an honest and helpful manner? No, you don't need IS. No, you don't need ISO 3200. I don't have IS in any of my cameras and my best only reaches as high as ISO 800 (though I never use any camera higher than ISO 400 for any reason). Sometimes I use a Pentax K1000, sometimes a Phase One DF+; sometimes a myriad of other cameras whether digital or film, medium format or 2/3" sensor. And never have I been out trying to get a photo and thought to myself "Hot damn, there's just no way I could get this shot without first getting a different camera or lens with 1-4 stops of IS." Sometimes I bring out one camera, one lens, one flash and one roll of 200 ASA film for a day and whatever photo opp I see, I make it work with that gear.

Whether you see it as a limitation or not, it's those little challenges that make photography fun. And it's those little challenges that make you a better photographer in the long run. If you skip out on IS for your first camera, you'll undoubtedly be better off someday when you get a different camera with IS.

To the OP, how many people are out there every day getting amazing photos with whatever IBIS-less camera you're looking at? Is it a constant, nagging limitation for them? I doubt it.

Mr. Xak is absolutely right, the less you learn to rely on your gear, the better the photographer ´╗┐behind the camera´╗┐ becomes.

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