5D III Video Tips?

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Re: 5D III Video Tips?

The Photo Ninja wrote:

Download, install and use the technicolor picture style from techicolors website. Contrast 0, sharpness 0, athe saturation to minus two.

use an external sound recorder also and a better on camera mic (like a video mic pro from rode - it includes plural eyes free for this month only that you an use with the external sound recorder). Get the external sound recorder as close as you can to the action.

in post, sync audio with plural eyes, adjust contrast, and saturation, and enjoy!

of course do what the earlier suggestions were too.

btw: shoot 1080 30p at a shutter speed of 60 (1/60th of a second). Bring headphones to listen to audio.

Ooh, that's a lot of extra info for a newb to video, and it assumes he's going to be, or can do editing and post production on this video.  What if he's not?

If you're not planning to edit this video i would just turn the contrast down say 2 ticks to the left of center.  This will give you nice footage out of camera without crushing the blacks or clipping the highlights too much.

If you DO have you an editing program to use after you shoot, you should just set your Sharpness and Contrast all the way to the left, and set your Saturation 2 ticks to the left.  This is known as Prolost Flat Picture Style and you don't need to download anything...you just do it in your camera settings.  Of course you will need to pump up those settings in your NLE of choice in post production to get anything that anyone would want to view.  Otherwise it'll just be flat footage.

And if you want more of a film look, I would recommend using 24fps, 1/50 shutter instead of 30fps, 1/60. But this only applies if you're in the North America.  If you're in Europe the standard is 25fps, 1/50 shutter.

More importantly would be to only shoot at ISO multiples of 160.  So 160, 320, 640, etc.  You'll get much less noise in your final footage if you always use these ISOs.

Good Luck!

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