Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

Hatstand wrote:

If they don't ring any bells, how does it matter, what they are capable of...?

That's exactly my point - they are ringing the bells now!

I keep seeing "only a DSLR can do action photography". But that is simply not true any more. I stuck to a DSLR (my last was a Canon 600D) for a long time just for action photography, but finally I switched when I saw non-DSLRs (Panasonic FZ150) that ticked the action photography boxes:

Shutter response: 600D 0.1 sec, FZ150 0.05 sec
Focus - wide, shutter response: 600D 0.2 sec, FZ150 0.15 sec
Focus - telephoto, shutter response: 600D 0.25 sec, FZ150 0.25 sec
Shot to shot - without flash: 600D 0.4-0.5 sec, FZ150 0.6 sec (~)
Shot to shot - with flash: 600D 0.6-0.7, FZ150 0.8 sec (~)
Continuous shooting - JPEG: 4fps, FZ150 5.5 fps
Continuous shooting - RAW: 600D 3fps (6 shots), FZ150 5.5 fps

These figures are from tests by I don't know how they measured those, but I can say subjectively, that I found little difference in performance between 600D and FZ150 for action photography. The image stabilisation on the FZ150 (subjectively again) is as good as I got from Canon lenses.

My only issue was the FZ150 rear screen and EVF are nowhere near as good as an optical viewfinder, but a cheap red dot sight fixed that for me.

I do not deny that DSLR's have significant advantages in several areas, and always will. But as a non-professional (as per topic!) who is happy with "great" results not "professional" results... those advantages are superfluous to my needs.

cool loved this response. i shoot pentax k7 and the fz150 , the fz150 for speed is very fast, the k7 gets left at home .

cheers don

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Pentax K7, Panasonic fz150, Olympus XZ1, my main toys.

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