My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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Re: My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

JEDay wrote:

My second GH3 is definitely an improvement over the first.

Interesting.   I think this is the very first post I've seen where one person has been able to observe that the viewfinders on two different GH3s produce different results.   That certainly strengthens the idea that there really was an EVF fix as was rumoured.  My pet theory is still that one of the viewfinder elements was assembled in a reversed position.

I had my first look at a GH3 a couple of days ago and reported my EVF experience here.  To summarize:

  • The EVF seemed to have a "sweet spot" of edge-to-edge clear image of around 5mm wide - I could move my eye left or right a few mm and still see a good image across the entire viewfinder field.   That presented no problems for me at all.
  • When I used my glasses I was (just) able to see the entire viewfinder image.   This may be because my prescription is fairly weak (less than 1 dioptre).
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