What has happened to Nikon?

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Re: Nikon vs.Apple

Robin Casady wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

I own a quad core i7 Mac that cost a bit over 3K. Some months ago Apple sent me an e-mail. It said that the hard drive in my system might have a flaw that would effect it's longevity. They provided info for me to check the system and drive and a number that entitled me to a free drive replacement.

I brought the CPU to the local Apple store and 3 days later I picked up my Mac with it's new drive. All of my files and software were replaced (I had backed them up) and the store gave me a 25 dollar gift card.

Apple has also refused to acknowledge some problems and left the owners high and dry.

Can anyone imagine Nikon behaving this way?

They did with the battery recall.

Slightly different. That would have been illegal not to inform customers about batteries that could explode or burst into flames, wouldn't it...It's okay to leave people with duff autofocus and keep claiming it's "within spec".

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