California Welfare: True or Not?

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Re: Here's what you're missing:

NuFonaut wrote:

dad_of_four wrote:

You have just proven my point. It was not fun, they worked a little bit harder, and now they have a job.

No, i did not prove your point that since it already is not comfortable we could make it even less comfortable.

Sadly, neither you, nor I can prove or disprove this point. How about this. Every January I receive a W2 form showing the wages I earned, and the taxes I paid. How about we have a WE2 form for anyone that receives government assistance. It would list all of the public assistance they received

Why don't you take a moment to list all of the programs available in the space below, then maybe I will believe that they don't have a level of comfort.  I do recall reading a recent article that showed that an unmarried women with 2 children and a minimum-wage job had more disposable income than a married family of 4 making the average $47,000

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