My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

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Re: My GH3 EVF - a new observation and opinion

JEDay wrote:

Marco, this has me pretty baffled. I'm sorry to hear that your second unit is no better than your first. As you know I can't say the same.

My second GH3 is definitely an improvement over the first. The white smearing of the on screen text has been eliminated entirely and the area of focus is larger than the first one. If I tilt the camera or change eye position, the text remains clear with one small area going out of focus slightly, but no smearing or ghosting. My first unit had smearing with or without my glasses on and now I have no issue in either case. The color issue is still there but as you know I thought it might be slightly better. That could be because I've refined my custom white balance adjustments over time.

This second camera EVF is so good that I understood why some people had no issue with it at all, and were wondering what all the complaining was about. Having had a bad one, I know it to be a real issue.


baffling isn't it?! All I can think is that maybe Panasonic HAVE changed the EVF in later batches, but perhaps those units have only made it to the North American market? Or maybe my Jan 2013 batch GH3 s not the very latest batch?

i agree with another poster - the issue is not the OLED panel, it is the optics in front of it. I have given up trying to get a good copy of the GH3 here in the UK - I'm hanging onto my flawed copy because in every other way I really like the camera. This has rocked my loyalty to Panasonic though.

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