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river251 wrote:

Kuppenbender, when you have a tripod in which the legs fold back over the head, does this limit the space for the head, and thus limit what head can be used?

There are two kinds of tripods where the legs fold over the head. Gitzo (and others) call these 'Traveller 'and 'systematic'.

The Traveller-style tripods are very small. They have a non-removable centre column and, as you say, are limited to small ballheads. You can use bigger heads, but the legs won't fold all the way down. Traveller-style tripods need the centre column extended to achieve a reasonable height. For this reason they are not suitable for heavier camera/lens combinations.

Of course the advantages for travel probably outweight the disadvantages of the head. But this will be my one and only tripod, and solidity is really important.

The 'Systematic' style of tripod (Feisol call them 'Tournament- class') are more solid. They are a couple of inches longer than the Traveller-style tripods when folded, but that allows them to extend higher and without a centre column (centre columns are available to get even higher). If you follow the link you'll see the plate at the top of the legs is over 3" in diameter and will easily accommodate a ballhead 2 1/2" in diameter with the legs folded over the head.

How hard is it to remove the head from the legs? I frequently pull over for a quick shot of something. One of the points of the trip.

That all depends on how tight you screw the head on. Some people carry their tripods short distances with the legs extended and the camera attached. If your head is too loosely screwed on, your camera might one crashing to the ground.

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