Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

Hatstand wrote:

Midwest wrote:

I also have a 600D (well, Rebel T3i, same thing) and I don't do video really. I do have the impression that this camera is actually quite good at it - what was the gain in the FZ for video?

As a non-pro, and given the type of photography I do... DSLR's have simply stopped making sense for me.

Quite possibly they have, and that's fine. Once again I suggest checking out the FZ200, IMO the best bridge camera out there for image quality.

Yes, I have since upgraded to the FZ200.

FZ200 video: full 1080p HD 50/60, (no rolling shutter effects, able to grab perfect frames), High speed (100/120 fps) at 720p HD, stereo mics (and socket for external mic), virtually silent zooming while recording, better image stabilisation, autofocus, and focus tracking, manual controls, gimmicks available while recording (eg. hilarious "model effect"!). I also find that the motorised zoom gives less hand shake than manual zoom.

Panny has had an undeserved negative reputation among some people because they're not first and foremost a camera company, but obviously they are trying to do more than pander to the 'sticker shoppers' who only look at MP and zoom X numbers.

I'll bet you find the FZ200 to be a big jump even from the FZ150, due to that constant f2.8 lens.

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