Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

Midwest wrote:

Hatstand wrote:

It seems to me, many of the DSLR afficionados posting in this thread... have not been keeping up to date with what non-DSLR's are capable of these days.

And conversely, some mirrorless boosters are not aware of what DSLR's CAN do that mirrorless CANNOT.

For sure. But I don't think I personally suffer from that so much. I was a DSLR user for a very long time, and I am (mostly!) aware of what I gave up or compromised by switching.

What's the big 'can do' with mirrorless? The fact that it has an APS-C sensor? Well and good. Of course the potential image quality is going to be equal to a DSLR... IF you can get the shot framed properly with an EVF, and IF you can get it in focus in an instant before the shot gets away.

Action shots are one reason a mirrorless APS-C would be a total failure for me.

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I'm speaking of superzooms rather than system cameras - It's more about reaching levels of performance and image quality that are clearly not "the best"... but are a "high enough" standard for a non-professional to accept. The "can do" bit is the huge equivelent focal lengths in smaller, lighter, more convenient packages... at a fraction of the cost.

Yes, EVF's are weak. They are either high-res but too slow, or fast enough but too low-res.

However, the Panasonic FZ150 and FZ200 have rear screens that are fast and responsive enough to be usable for action photography, and even if they weren't, a red dot sight more than compensates. (I'd keep a red dot sight even if I still used a DSLR!).

And the Panasonics do indeed "get it in focus in an instant, before the shot gets away".

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