Upgrading from a D7k and wondering, D800 or D600?

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Re: Upgrading from a D7k and wondering, D800 or D600?

One of the best things is to download a raw file and see how your computer handles it. In fact I just did, using the raw file on here:


I'm seriously considering a D800 too (the 'E' is just a bridge too far). I must say I found that file really surprising: Just about the same in LR4's develop module - really couldn't see any noticeable difference between those and the humble D300 files, plus I have Adobe Reader open, several word documents, about 50 Firefox tabs, and I just looked down and noticed Powerpoint is open too for some reason   This isn't me crowing about my laptop because its pretty run of the mill for recent one - an Asus with 8GB of RAM and a 2.3G i7.

Maybe a couple of caveats to this:

- The only noticeable lag was in exporting to and from Nik plug-ins. Probably 3 seconds longer, just long enough to stretch and consider one's place in the universe.

- In the past it's been noted that the more files your Lightroom catalogue holds the slower it gets, so I think it'd be wise to keep preening it down with D800 files in it.

- Finally, although I'm almost numb with boredom over this stuff now, there is, according to Nikonrumors a press conference on the 21st of this month, with a possibility of a D7000 replacement being announced. It'll probably turn out to be about a new waterproof housing for a coolpix but you may at least want to keep an eye on that for a day or two as part of your decision making process.


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