What has happened to Nikon?

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To learn or not to learn...

shigzeo ? wrote:


I, too, have a D800, which I use professionally and for hobby work.....

By the way, are you perfectly happy with your copy?

..... Because the consumer isn't important in Japan and because the corporation dictates the laws in this country, things will only cheapen. Unless there is 2nd coming quality and leadership from abroad, things will only get worse.....

..... Nikon will become nothing more than a plastic fantastic in a few years no matter that they started as a feisty optical company.....

..... Things are cheap. Things are not researched. Things are made only to make money, not to leave a mark. That is how they are. That is how they will remain. Welcome to a Japan/Korea/China dominated economy.....

This situation intrigues me as much as it frightens me, it really does. Either we go down that rabbit hole and one day the ethical abrasions begin to feel, or the companies find ways to convince us that we want to spend more money and demand higher quality. Personally, I'd be extatic if, in a hundred years' time, people would watch and read "Manufactured Landscapes" and not understand what that was all about.

A somewhat humorous suggestion was made a while back for the public authorities here that for each and every high technology product sold, the expected operating lifespan (connected to the warranty, of course) of the product should be given and, thus, the product cost per year be attached to the price tag. That could be a wake up call.

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