sharpest wideangle to normal zoom at f8?

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Re: sharpest wideangle to normal zoom at f8?

Mark B UK wrote:

X_Holger wrote:

Yes, you are certainly right.

Any review of the 12-35 I have read states that the 12-35 has weak corners at 12 mm and infinity.

I've always doubted reviews that say a particular lens is sharp at one distance and unsharp at another. Assuming the objects being photographed are flat and directly facing the camera, and that the camera is correctly focused, how can there be a difference?

I have clearly experienced that problem with the Panasonic 100-300mm : my copy of the lens isn't able to focus at infinite when I zoom over 250mm. It gives perfectly good results if I focus at something nearer. The problem is there whether I'm using AF (I can't get confirmation on the Olympus camera, I get it on the G3 but the camera isn't focused). I do also get it with MF. When you do this, you get a scale showing up on the lcd and you want to move the slide just a little further and it would be infocus, but you are already at infinite and the picture can't get sharper. Yet Panasonic said that the lens was "inside specification" when I sent it to their support service.

Also didn't you already hear of adapters who prevented lenses to focus at infinite ?  This is the same problem IMO, it is due to tolerances existing in the manufacturing of these high precision piece of technology.

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