Going on Safari - but which camera XS-1 or Nikon D700?

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Why one earth...

LTZ470 wrote:

EM5 Panasonic 100-300 and Oly 12mm f/2...I would have to carry the 75mm f/1.8 as well, just couldn't leave it behind...

Why would you bring an EM-5 which has extremely poor AF Tracking abilities and a mediocre Panasonic 100-300 zoom that's soft at 300mm? That's makes about as much sense as going out and buying an X-S1 when you already own a far superior camera in the D700.

If you are were shooting static subjects, or taking travel photos that would be one thing, but none of the m43 cameras are any good at AF Tracking. So bringing one in favor of a camera that has awesome PDAF, and better IQ on a once in a lifetime photo trip is a poor idea. If it's reach the OP needs, all he has to do is rent or buy a proper telephoto meant for professional use.

And do you even have any idea what an amazing lens the AF-S Nikon 70-200 2.8 is?  This is a professional grade telephoto zoom, the standard lens for ALL photojournalists. It takes all Nikon TCs, and will provide significantly better IQ than a soft, low-contrast consumer Pany 100-300 zoom.  AND he already owns it.

If I were going, I'd take the D700 (actually my D800) and possibly a D7000 which will give you a bit more reach due to the crop sensor. All three of these cameras will give you far better IQ than an EM5, much better low-light performance, better DR, and richer, better looking colors.

The EM-5 is not a bad camera.  I wouldn't bring it as my only camera on a photo safari.

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