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smatty wrote:

Many people have left Aperture for various reasons and went to look for other alternatives instead of hoping and pleading that Apple will change this or support that. Apple has been quite bad with their pro apps maintenance and updates and we might just have to accept that they leave this market to other companies like Adobe who put all of their resources behind it while Apple focuses on the more profitable "simple user" as they outnumber the pro's by magnitudes.

Many have also left and come back, having regretted leaving. Leaving is a big decision which may lead to regret, you shouldn't be so eager to push others into it just to make yourself feel better about your choice or because you are angry at Apple.

That is a lot of hobby psycology interpretation into my statement!

I am not pushing anyone into it! But sometimes it makes sense to look over the fence to see if there are other (or meanwhile better) solutions out there. And a decision to switch must be based soley on the persons individual needs and preferences. This must be a well researched and educated decision - I think we both agree in this.

And I don't need to make myself feel better about my choice. I am really happy with what I have - no regrets!

I am not angry at Apple - why should I be? I am a long time shareholder and happy about every product they sell that increases the value of the stock. But it does appear that Apple focuses less on the pro customers that used to be the main target group for their Mac's.

Why do I think so? Last serious update of the Mac Pro in 2009. Pretty and thin new but glued together MacBook Pro's, Retinas and iMac's with few options to upgrade HDD, SSD or RAM by yourself. Final Cut X...

Yet, they are selling more products (more cars vs. trucks as they once compared) and are way more profitable. So this might be the reason why Aperture (or MAC OS X RAW to be exact) did not get an update for that tiny fraction of Aperture + Fuji X-Trans & EXR sensor users.

Will they ever implement RAW support? I hope so but no one knows when or if... so there is also a price to waiting (as I described in my previous post) for those who really need RAW support. With each image that you stick into the Aperture ecosystem a future switch will be an even larger hassle.

And switching forwards and backwards for "features" truly is crazy

Fair enough, a good defence and I definitely resemble the hobby psychology remark

But there is a definite negative spin in wording; "hoping and pleading", "Apple has been bad", "Leave this market to". Sounds pretty one sided negative don't you think? Did you switch from Aperture?

The Final Cut X... arguments works both for and against you. As in "Apple, leave our pro tools alone, we got a job to do and can't be having you messing it up".

Where Logic Pro is used in Pro studio environments, it does the job it was installed to do, just like the amps and mixers and recorders and monitors and so forth. The studio doesn't want lots of downtime to install and test radical new software. Just bug fixes and gradual non radical improvement is fine. Over time, a new core feature 'wish-list' will evolve, and when the list and time is right, it will become a new product.

Final Cut X was a classic case of this, combined with be careful what you wish for. Apple took all the requests, realised that to implement them the right way (a strong point of Apple, a new product genre like Aperture), they needed to re-envision how the whole product should work. Their mistake was going ahead and building it, not realising the implications and thinking the industry would swoon at the marvellous technical achievement, but instead.... well, you know...

All of these pro products are designed to provide their unique core functionality. Where they interface to the changing modern world, the extensibility is built in using an extensibility architecture, like plug-ins and Camera Raw Support, at least to the degree it is possible. You can never fully plan for the unknown.

Aperture 3 not being renamed Aperture 4 during the last 2 years doesn't mean I can't use it for my OM-D, or that it hasn't been updated. Indeed, it received lots new features via FREE updates. One thing is for sure, if implementing X-Trans had been easy, it would simply have been implemented by now, like X100, OM-D, RX100, etc has been. X-Trans clearly requires some radical new processing and may simply not fit well into camera raw support's extensibility framework, requiring either a lot more work, or perhaps an architectural change. If the latter, it is much more likely to be part of a new product upgrade. However, it could also be the case, some lead engineer is sat there saying , "remember how I told you it wasn't worth investing the effort into EXR...."


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