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Re: About diffraction

Nordstjernen wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

PhilS34 wrote:

Here's an image that i like but just doesn't seem very sharp to me. I'm sure I could do a lot better with a faster lens - just not sure how much.

You shot that at f/13 and ISO 400, so you are inviting the unwelcome effects of diffraction and noise.

There should not be any visible reduction of sharpness caused by diffraction at f:13 so I think the lack of sharpness might be caused by camera shake or lack of sharpening at post processing -- or maybe the lens was slightly out of focus.

I agree there might be several explanations for what we see there.

From my tests with aps-c cameras like the A55 and A77 I find that diffraction isn't a real world problem at f:16.

From my tests with a camera exactly like the A55 (the A55!) I have seen adverse diffraction effects starting somewhere above f/11. It's mild in that range, but it can be present.

The best lenses need a bit more sharpness at post processing when using f:16 due to diffraction, but this hardly affects fine detail. At f:22 the softness is more pronounced and will affect fine detail If the files are scaled down to 50% or more, f:22 works pretty well.

Again, my experience differs.

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