What are your expectations from a camera phone, even 808?

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Re: Activate hardware shutter

Apparently, the audio jack might make a difference in whether it works or not...
Cheap remote shutters

The description is for Canon cameras but if it's cheap then why not try it out.
"Just make sure you buy the blue-box one for samsung phones, the pink-box nokia one has 3 stripes on the headphone jack and it wont work. The samsung only has two stripes on the headphone jack and works like a charm after you chop off the mic and ear peace."

mojo34 wrote:

Hulamike wrote:

If its like an iPhone, you can use your earbuds as a shutter release. Just press the tiny +volume control button. I have mine on a handle and use this technique ALL the time. Never a blurry shot due to screen interaction.

This sounded so brilliant that I tried it on the 808, with the native app and Camera Pro... no go. didn't work. Too bad.

Still, this camera-phone has the incredible advantage of ensuring that you always have a very good camera with you. Bad shots can happen with any camera, but the good ones stay with you. I've gotten a number of great on-the-spot shots that blow away pictures taken by my other cell-phone-camera friends.

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