Olympus Viewer 2 - Instructions Anywhere?

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Q: about RAW conversion

Sudo Nimh wrote:

efontu wrote:

I'm always wondering how this piece of software compares with the big guns like Lightroom, Aperture, dxo, PhaseLinear, etc. Would't this program have enough features for the amateur photographer that perhaps does not need all the paraphernalia that the mentioned big guys provide for professionals?

Viewer 2 has all the basic controls. It also has features that some other RAW processors don't have, such as automatic correction of Micro Four Thirds lenses using lens information that the camera records with the image. Most important, the Viewer 2 RAW processor lets you try different camera settings after you've taken the shot.

LR4 has been a Godsend for me for highlight/shadow recovery. The combination of sliders in the exposure section has eliminated the need for HDR in a lot of circumstances.

However I have benefited from Viewer 2's auto lens correction as well. I have two technical questions;

1 I don't think LR reads any saved adjustments to the ORF that were performed in V2. So if I run a RAW image through V2 first for the lens correction and then save as a TIFF, is LR4 able to analyze and recover exposure with the same success with either the TIFF and ORF files?

2. Likewise, If I run the ORF file through LR4 first for exposure corrections, save as a TIFF then reopen in V2, is the lens data still intact for V2 to read and correct?

I too tried to use Viewer2 as my sole converter (ORD to JPG or TIFF), with the assumption that it being Olympus software, it would read more from the file than a 3rd party software. However it seems that the software's OUTPUT algorithm has more effect.

I find Viewer2 very clunky and unintuitive to use. Almost as bad as silkypox.

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