Disney World - What to bring

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Re: Disney World - advice from nearby

I live nearby and there are LOTS of things to see and do both inside the parks, on International Drive, Universal Studios, just shopping, and the brand new Legoland is a big hit.  Many of the wonderful Disney rides move and change settings fast...along calm waters in a boat and suddenly you've gone off the edge down a flume and are getting wet.  And in early spring we don't get alot of rainy days, but thunderheads can form at 3 PM and give us very heavy downpours for about 2 hours, then it clears.

With all that and the crowds and buses and fun and confusion I leave my "good stuff" (equipment) home, don't fiddle with changing lenses at all and just carry my "utility" GF3 with the its 14mm 2.5 and a little black everready case and a ziplock bag.

Feel free to send me a PM if any other advice on your visit would be helpful!!!!!   Have fun!!!


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