Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

Hatstand wrote:

PerL wrote:

Superzooms has huge DOF which makes for rather unispiring shots.

DSLRs has much better isolation.

Yes, I'm aware of the weaker DoF. As I said, I don't deny teh advantages of a DSLR. But my point is - DoF that's "not as good", does not equate to "can't do action photography".

By the way non-DSLR's are capable of a bit better than the example you chose eg. These are from FZ150/FZ200:

With all due respect... the first couple of shots are good. The ice skating shots are to be frank not good at all, and the airplane shot would not please me either.

You are mentioning the FZ150/200 but the 200 I believe would be much better for these shots, allowing higher shutter speed without bumping the ISO into 'noise' territory. All these shots as far as can be determined came from an FZ150. With a small sensor, the ability to shoot at higher ISO has improved but much of that is due to JPG processing that is bound to nibble away at some of the fine detail.

DSLR wins easily though. The ice skating shots and even the airplane shot need their white balance adjusted, by the way.That would at least help them.

In my case, DoF is another sacrifice I'm happy to make in light of the benefits of not using a DSLR... and besides - most of my action photography involves panning with fast moving subjects, and slower shutter speeds for motion-blurred backgrounds. Like these (my own FZ150 photos):

In those cases, I don't think a DSLR gives any major advantage in "subject isolation" or "dynamic" appearance.

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