Olympus Viewer 2 - Instructions Anywhere?

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Re: Olympus Viewer 2 - Instructions Anywhere?

efontu wrote:

I'm always wondering how this piece of software compares with the big guns like Lightroom, Aperture, dxo, PhaseLinear, etc. Would't this program have enough features for the amateur photographer that perhaps does not need all the paraphernalia that the mentioned big guys provide for professionals?

Viewer 2 has all the basic controls. It also has features that some other RAW processors don't have, such as automatic correction of Micro Four Thirds lenses using lens information that the camera records with the image. Most important, the Viewer 2 RAW processor lets you try different camera settings after you've taken the shot.

I also would like to know if V2 is only a raw converter or if it works for editing and cataloging JPEG files.

Viewer 2 has both a RAW processor for .orf files and an Edit module that works with .orf, .jpg, and .tif files. It includes some automatic features such as tone correction and red-eye correction. Some features are primitive, such as the tilt adjustment that makes you enter a number instead of drawing a horizontal or vertical line. There are no masks or layers. Still, it's a good basic editor.

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