Could this be the reason why there are fewer clients calling?

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missing the point about debt/money

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Debt when used properly is great!
Yes, there is risk -but it's a calculated risk. Like most risks in life it can be managed to a large extent.
Heart attack risk? Eat healthy and excersize.
Driving risk? Safer car, driver training, keep car in good repair (good tires, brakes, clean windows, etc), avoid the riskier times of day to drive (rush hour, when bars are closing, etc) the math. What's the advantage of getting in NOT vs later? What's the cost? What's the risk if things go off track? Whats the likelyhood of that happening?
I can save $80 a year on my workers comp insurance if I change companies. I have to pay up front to the new and the old one will send me a refund check in about a month. I don't have $489 laying around right now (wrong time of the year) but I'd like to make/save $60. I can wait and make the change in July when I have the cash - but I won't get all the old money back (it's of course prorated). So delaying costs me $5 a month, or about $30
What does $489 on ye olde visa cost for a month? $3.05. If I use the right credit card I get 25 or 30 days grace period so may not have to pay any interest at all.
So here the use of credit has little risk and can save me $27-30. Not a hard decision.

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There are loads of info out there.

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