Do you non professionals still use DSLR's? And why?

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Re: Living in the past?

PerL wrote:

Superzooms has huge DOF which makes for rather unispiring shots.

DSLRs has much better isolation.

Yes, I'm aware of the weaker DoF. As I said, I don't deny teh advantages of a DSLR. But my point is - DoF that's "not as good", does not equate to "can't do action photography".

By the way non-DSLR's are capable of a bit better than the example you chose eg. These are from FZ150/FZ200:

In my case, DoF is another sacrifice I'm happy to make in light of the benefits of not using a DSLR... and besides - most of my action photography involves panning with fast moving subjects, and slower shutter speeds for motion-blurred backgrounds. Like these (my own FZ150 photos):

In those cases, I don't think a DSLR gives any major advantage in "subject isolation" or "dynamic" appearance.

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