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bryand7k wrote:

PK24X36NOW wrote:

With the D600, you'll have less pixels (about 10.2MP), but certainly enough for a good image at an APS-C crop size. With the D800, you have about 15.3MP, which is just about the same as a D7000 (the difference between 16.2 and 15.3 is meaningless). In terms of pixel density, you essentially lose no "reach" if you look at it in terms of pixel density) with a D800, it's like having a built in D7000 when you crop to APS-C size.

So, I have a D7000 and shoot birds/BIF with my 300 AFS F4 but am thinking about the D600 as over all its a better cam(but will wait for the April 7xxx). My concern with FX is the reach thing.

If you take a shot with the D7000 you start with a 16mp pic. But if you crop it how far would you have to go reduce it to the 10mp of the D600? .. ie. would a 100% crop reduce it to 8mp? or is the math more involved?

100% crop is a actual pixel = display pixel view, not an expression of relative resolution.

You would probably crop your D700 about 37% to get to the 10.2MP of the D600 DX mode. The math would be 10.2/16.2 MP = D600 DX crop has about 63% of the pixels of the D7000, so the D7000 has about 37% more pixels than the D600 cropped. You can just try cropping some original D7000 images (by reducing "canvas size" in Photoshop) to see how much you would clip to get to 10.2MP or so. That would probably be the best way to visualize it.

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