Upgrading from a D7k and wondering, D800 or D600?

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Re: Upgrading from a D7k and wondering, D800 or D600?

The Battery wrote:

Thanks to all for the detailed input! I'd been leaning toward the D800 and you all have pushed me over the edge.

A few of you mentioned the D800E, is there any down side to not having that low-pass filter (anti-alaising filter?)?

None whatever. Still waiting to see it after 10,000 shots.  LR4 and CNX2 have a brush which will eliminate it if it does happen.  Enjoy the best of the best.

Cant I just handle any morie effect in software? (LR4 has that slider now...)

As for the D700, I concidered that. I know it's a great camera and i'm sure it'd work great, but I'd rather get the latest and greatest so it will potentially last me longer, i'll just have to save up a little longer...

As for the 36MP, I know there's no such thing as too much, but it's gonna hurt as far as storage and processing is concerned (LR4 is already slower then i'd like). I've got some stream lining to do to my work flow that i think will help. I know that if i have the 36MP I'll love it, that's kinda what i'm afraid of!

A prediction:  your D7000 will shortly be for sale :^)  An i7 will open and process D800e files about as fast as a D7000 in LR4, which I cannot recommend too highly for the D800e.   A very beautiful conversion and incredible management of highlights and shadows.  And fast. USB3 is a good idea.

I have some DX glass, but nothing that I use professionally. I have the 18-200 but i only plan on using that with my D7k on vacations where i dont want to lug my full rig around...

There has to be a difference between uncompressed and compressed lossless (as far as IQ is concerned),

Use lossless compressed.

otherwise what is the point of including the option? I shoot uncompressed 14bit RAW on my D7k because i assumed it was better then the compressed lossless... and i KNOW nikon would never lie to us... I'll have to run some tests... This has shattered my naive view of the world.

Thanks again to all,


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