Upgrading from a D7k and wondering, D800 or D600?

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Rephrase the question

What is the D7000 not doing for you that you feel you need to upgrade? The answer to that question should tell you what camera you need. If there isn't something that your D7000 can't do for you and you don't need a 2nd body, maybe there is other things that could benefit you more... lenses, flashes/lighting, tripod/accessories, software, training, travel excursion, etc.

You say you don't need 36MP. How many do you need? Could you live with 12? Would a D700 work? Full frame, higher FPS, all the ruggedness/ergonomics/AF of the D800, very good high ISO. Nikon is still selling refurbished models and used ones can be found even cheaper.

If you decide to go with the D800, just make sure you have (or budget to upgrade) a decent computer with a good amount of RAM (at least 12GB) and a good amount of hard drive space (including back-up space). I really love Lightroom for organizing the RAW files and making it very easy to make smaller (down-sampled) derivatives as needed. The nice thing is also if you do want/need to shoot in DX mode it becomes very similar to your D7000, roughly the same resolution and similar fps. The D600's DX mode is only about 10MP.

The D600 is going to be very similar to your D7000 but with a full frame 24MP sensor. It's about as good at high ISO as the D800. The 24MP files while not as big as the 36MP files from the D800 are also larger than your D7000s so you will need to think about that as well (though not as much as the D800). The AF is the same as the D7000, but because of the full-frame sensor, it's only covers a small area in the center of the frame which can be annoying. The Dust/Oil thing is a gamble, but if it is a problem you can probably send it back under warrantee.

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