Need budget replacement for broken kit lens - am I missing something?

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Re: Need budget replacement for broken kit lens - am I missing something?

oneluv wrote:

Hey everyone!

So, my toddler yanked my D60 off of the counter and the plastic connections on my 18-55 kit lens snapped off.

I have been using my point and shoot canon and my phone camera for nearly a year trying to decide on a replacement. I am so sick of the poor photos. My subjects are constantly on the move. I need to get a new lens NOW! My budget is tight. I want to spend around 200$. I will be taking some travel photos, but mostly want a fast lens for catching indoor and outdoor shots of my three girls under 6 years old. Portraits, family group shots, playing outside, etc.

My research has lead me to the Nikkor 35mm 1.8 AF-S. I'm just worried that I will miss the zoom option. Should I be looking at a budget non-nikkor zoom lens instead, and then get the prime later? Is there a lens that I should be saving up a little more for? I can bump the budget up to 400-500 in a few months. I think that I will enjoy the lowlight capabilities of a prime lens more than anything else, but I've never shot with a fixed focal length before and I'm nervous!

Advice?? I just want to start taking real pictures again! Thanks so much in advance! ~ Jen

Hi, oneluv,

Either replace your 18-55 or spring for an 18-105 mm (excellent consumer lens -- gives my pro Nikon 24-70 f2.8 a run for its money at f8).

I own the Nikon 35mm f1.8 and it's a fantastic value, but I would find it too limiting as my only lens.

The claim that getting closer or further away from the subject (the vapid "use your legs" line) is the same as shooting at 18mm or 105mm is nonsense -- the OPTICAL QUALITIES at such focal lengths are different and you may wish your image to have those wide angle or telephoto qualities.

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