Going on Safari - but which camera XS-1 or Nikon D700?

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D700 for sure....

DS21 wrote:

2nd degree wrote:

Hi All,

After some advice here. Lucky enough to be going to Kenya (Tsavo East) later this year. I currently shoot with a D700 and have the Nikon 70-200 f2.8 and a 1.7 TC.

Naturally I'm reluctant to take this combo with me for a few reasons:

1. Don't really want to be swapping lenses when I need wider shots (dust and inconvenience)

2. Risk of damage/theft.

3. Weight

I have thought about the XS-1 as viable alternative but wondering if I may feel frustrated by it compared to the D700.

Naturally the focal length and IQ of the larger sensor appeal to me but the last hybrid camera I used was the Fuji Z602 (a great camera at the time) which I appreciate was some years ago!

My main concerns are the EVF and lag I suppose. Would love to go along to Jessops and try one out but alas thats no longer possible!!! Do you guys reckon the XS-1 would be a good choice fo Safari?



It would be probably best to get D3200 or D5200 and 18-200 VR (or Sigma 18-250 HSM OS macro) to get the best possible quality without lens swaps (with some cropping of course). No super-zoom bridge camera will be good enough if you are used to D700 and 70-200 2.8.

Totally agree with DS21 about the D700/70-200 2.8. IQ of the X-S1 is quite good, but it's not on the same level as the D700. If you are concerned about swapping lenses, why not just rent a Nikon 28-300? It's won't be as sharp as your 70-200 2.8, but it's a whole lot smaller and lighter.


But a safari is often a once in a lifetime trip, so personally, I'd want the best possible images. You might consider bringing along a mega zoom compact or bridge as a backup, but for the majority of your images, I should think you'd want to the camera with the best possible IQ.

If you are worried about your D700, you could rent another DSLR but depending on the model, that could get expensive.

You could also think about buying or renting a Nikon 70-300 VR, which is one of the better 70-300s available. But as you said, in dusty environments, switching lenses too frequently is not the best idea. But I wouldn't let some idea that it will there will be dust blowing every which way all of the time. Conditions may be quite a bit better than that, so you may be preparing for a worst case scenario unnecessarily.

Still, it's good to be prepared, but if I were going on such an wonderful trip that's sure to be filled with great photo ops, I wouldn't think of leaving my D800 at home. No way.

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