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Re: Or bite the bullet...

smatty wrote:

Many people have left Aperture for various reasons and went to look for other alternatives instead of hoping and pleading that Apple will change this or support that. Apple has been quite bad with their pro apps maintenance and updates and we might just have to accept that they leave this market to other companies like Adobe who put all of their resources behind it while Apple focuses on the more profitable "simple user" as they outnumber the pro's by magnitudes.

Many have also left and come back, having regretted leaving. Leaving is a big decision which may lead to regret, you shouldn't be so eager to push others into it just to make yourself feel better about your choice or because you are angry at Apple.

Aperture came first and was only the raw workflow tool of it's Kind.

Ligthrooom was announced as a free public beta to stem the adoption of Aperture which was getting a lot of publicity. It was a great tactic and did the trick.

But by the time of LR V1, Aperture was a superior mature product, restricted in its quest for domination by being a Mac only product. But the list of advantages Aperture held was long, substantial and significant. Some photographers switched to Mac just to run Aperture.

With their respective V2 and V3, and now V4 on the LR side, they have been getting closer and then and flip-flopping over each in terms features. Aperture still holds a lot of advantages, and in some areas Lightroom has the tricks (and in some areas, others)

But switching your entire workflow tool is a big crazy step and if you are going to do it, you only want to do it once. But the Mac forums have many posts about people switching, then a new version of Aperture comes out and they feel they have to switch back because it's now the product they wanted. Madness.

Stick with your raw workflow and work around its limits. If those limits look like persisting indefinitely, and the work arounds become the lions share of your workflow, then clearly it's time to consider switching.

And clearly support of X-Trans could well be one of those limits, but I'd at least wait until Lightroom has solved the watercolour painting effect. As it stands at the moment it's hardly seems worth such an upheaval. What I dow with an unsupported new camera (as happened with the X100) is to shoot RAW+JPEG so you get the excellent JPEGs to use straight away. If/when you need to use the raw, round-trip it to your preferred processor. Wait for / Campaign for support.

Aperture is not the toy processor some people discard it as. Its organisational facilities are easily the best of the raw suites, but it's raw processing is also top drawer and among the very best. Lightroom has a few party tricks but I'm a bit tired of hearing about them parrot fashion, and if they were that relevant to me, guess which I'd be using.

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