raid array questions....

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Re: raid array questions....

glasswave wrote:

I was thinking about getting a product like this:

VANTEC NexStar USB3.0 & eSATA Quad Bay RAID HDD Enclosure

to set up a 4 disk array with striping and redundancy.

Do the disks have to be exactly identical?

I have two drives that are both seagate 3TB 7200 rpm drives with 64MB Cache, but they are different model numbers, could they be used or do they need to be the same model?

How different can the drives be, different brands? Sizes?

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It depends a bit on the RAID-controller, but typically you can use pretty much any combination of harddisks, even different sizes (in which the smallest disk determines the effective size of all disks). However, performance may suffer if you don't use the same model. YMMV.

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