used RX100.. what to look for, how to test

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Re: used RX100.. what to look for, how to test

Len_Gee wrote:

Congrats on obtaining your RX100. Is it a MIJ or MIC version?

Try these tests:

Turn on the camera and shake vigorously. Like if you are mixing a martini. Do you hear any rattles, like ball bearings moving about?

Check the battery door for any looseness. Use fingers to pry open. The hinge should be fairly stiff.

With camera turned on, and the lens barrel at full extension, gently move the lens barrel side to side with your fingers. Is there any looseness or wobble?

Turn on the camera, and extend the lens from wide angle to telephoto and back around 25 or more times. Do you hear any noise, like gritty sand when the lens is moving back and forth?

With the camera on, look into the lens. Do you see any dust or foreign objects in the lens?

Turn on the camera. Spin the rear dial. Does it feel smooth, and without a gritty sound when you spin it?

Turn on the camera. Spin the control ring around the lens. Does it feel smooth or gritty?

Turn on the camera. Look at the LCD. Make sure all the menus are displayed whilst you access them.

Turn on the camera. Look at the LCD whilst you spin the ring around the barrel. Do the various modes show up on the LCD. It should be instantaneous without any lag.

Take a few pictures at all focal lengths. Review pictures on your monitor at 100% enlargement. Do you see any softness in the corners, or center defocusing issues?

Enjoy your new camera and post some pics when you have the camera sorted.


additional: looks the lens is there any dust inside of it. Some users have this kind of issues

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