rancor/discord seems less in this forum ?

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Aleo Veuliah
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Re: rancor/discord seems less in this forum ?

TORN wrote:

I guess the mods do an especially great job here.

Thank you, in what concerns to me. Hope we moderators continue to please the majority, because obviously is impossible to please all.

In general after 10 years of activity in camera forums I feel the FT/mft forums have always been the least pleasant for me. I am a critical person and I see and express good and bad in any system I use or might get interested in. I am convinced that knowing your equipment in every aspect helps to make best use of it. Expressing personal critizism about FT/mft aspects or even discussing undisputable technical facts has always been the most stressful experience in any forum. The only forum to feel worse in this respect is Leica. Only difference is they have a big sensor to boot.

In my experience the "tiny sensor" faction is especially touchy. As soon as it appears that you ever used a different system in your life there are apes jumping up the trees calling out "troll". Of course those are few but few apes can make big noise. Even if you own(ed) a FT/mft system there is always an unpleasant crowd which would not accept a worse than perfect judgement of the system or any aspect of it. The all is well and I feel fine urge seems to be especially high around here. Somewhere else they feel the same about their systems but they do not feel like telling it everybody 24/7.

When FT or mft was young I could understand the touchiness. The systems was constantly compared to full blown best and oldest in the market and of course there were many areas lacking. But nowadays FT is nearly dead (sorry) and mft has grown its own spot in camera business with very clear advantages and only some disadvantages (depending on your personal needs). Nowadays there should be no need to get emotional, mft stands right beside the other systems fully in its own right.

I agree when you say there is a small especially faction, but as you said are just a few but enough to make some #confusion".

But the system (MFT) have improved a lot, both in cameras and lenses, and that issue will be less and less.

Liked your opinion.

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