Selling my OM-D and returning to 60D

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Lead with a sample

retro76 wrote:

bacteria wrote:

Wow, huh!

I'll be the first to say the E-M5 has flaws (buttons, continous AF, lack of movie options, etc) but I've had the exact opposite experience on mine. WB, color and definition all loads better than the Canon DSLR I had (admitedly not as good as the 60D), but combine that with the DPR raw/jpeg studio comparisons and basically everybody's feedback, and your conclusions are quite surprising.

But to each their own. No camera can please everyone. Not even the best (which the OMD isn't).

Bacteria, I am not saying that the OM-D IQ is bad, as it's not. I think the problem is that I am used to the results from my Canon which does a good job of producing well balanced images straight OOC every time. I think people shouldn't be mad at me for stating an opinion, I am trying my hardest to love this camera, but to fully invest in a system I want to be satisfied with IQ. I know there are compromises with moving to a smaller system, but IQ isn't something I am willing to trade off on. Keep in mind I am a very picky person when it's come to IQ.

You're killing me.  I  normally don't post on this forum, though I own a Panny G3, but if you want  credibility you need to post some side be side comparables, as some have asked.  If not then leave the forum and voice your opinion on the canon forum.  Sorry to sound harsh but one needs to lead with a sample.

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