49mm UV filter /protective filter for nex 5n

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A "digital filter" won't improve colors.

ropausa wrote:

I use the Canon 28 to 300mm L lens. It comes with a very impressive looking lens hood. But if the lens hood does not vignette at 28mm it does nothing in the way of protecting against flare at 300mm. If it did work effectively at 300mm it would vignette badly at 28mm. So I leave a Heliopan Digital filter on the lens at all times for both protection and improved colors.

How old a camera are you using, ropausa?

Every reasonably current DSLR and mirrorless camera has a decent dichroic "hot mirror" and UV blocker in the filter pack over the sensor, so the "digital filter" will have no noticeable effect. It's a relic of the early days of digital. Canon started adding that level of filtration over 10 years ago, and the rest of the camera makers soon followed suit. None of the Sony NEX or SLT lines will get any benefit, at all, from a digital filter.

Be careful, ropausa, there's a lot of filter salespeople spreading some really bad  information about filters. Investigate a little more thoroughly before you get hoodwinked into any more gimmicks like a "digital filter".

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