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Re: Or bite the bullet...

cptrios wrote:

That is much, much, much easier said than done for a lot of us. I have around 40,000 pictures in Aperture (I can only imagine how many a pro photographer would have), most of which are carefully organized and keyworded. The prospect of translating all of that over to Lightroom is a nightmare...especially since for my tastes the organizational system in Aperture is 10x better. I do prefer the way LR handles noise, though, and will often process anything over ISO 1600 in LR or ACR before sending it back into Aperture. Which, obviously, is not the most streamlined of workflows...but whatever, leave me alone!

I understand that and at the time where I had to decide to go for (the erly version of) Aperture or Lightroom both products were very close in quality. And organizing in Aperture does seem to be much better!

But with every day you wait and every photo you take the hurdle gets higher and higher to ever switch.

There are a few options that you have if you do want to switch. You can:

A) Leave all 40.000 old photos in Aperture (no need to delet it. HD space is cheap) and start with all photos taken in 2013 to be imported into LR.

B) Leave the photos in Aperture intact and only import a copy of the photos with the adjustments you have already made in Aperture as JPG or TIF into LR.

There seem to be some ways to keep the IPTC information intact during export. A quick google search led me here: http://lightroomsolutions.com/articles/migrating-from-aperture-to-lightroom-where-do-i-begin/

Maybe this is an option to look into? And please, I only addressed this as an option for fellow photographers who are frustrated with the current support from Aperture

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