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Re: Or bite the bullet...

nzino wrote:

I do appreciate the information given about LightRoom and any other software that is, but the subject of the thread is: Fuji X-trans & Apple Aperture .

The OP's question was about encouraging Apple to provide support for the X-trans sensor, not about what software does provide support for it and how well.

Thank you for your understanding.

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I missed the part that you are the new elected forum police and are to judge what is ok to reply and what is not...

I am not a troll and I did not offen anyone with my post. And I think that this conversation can be very well extended to alternatives, wether you like it or not.

I got my first Apple computer in the early 80's and have a long history as a cutomer and shareholder with this company. And it has been proven to be very hard to push Apple to do anything that is not on their own agenda.

The "pressure" to get support for Fuji's X-Trans and EXR sensor RAW files will never gain the magnitude of the "Antenna gate" where Apple in the end told us that "we are holding it wrong and here is a bumper for those who can't figure it out"

Many people have left Aperture for various reasons and went to look for other alternatives instead of hoping and pleading that Apple will change this or support that. Apple has been quite bad with their pro apps maintenance and updates and we might just have to accept that they leave this market to other companies like Adobe who put all of their resources behind it while Apple focuses on the more profitable "simple user" as they outnumber the pro's by magnitudes.

To make a long story short, I would rather spend my time exploring alternatives and use my time productively editing photos with another software than hanging in the "RAW" air if it is that important to me.

Or just stick with Aperture and the fantastic JPG files from the X-Pro 1 / XE1 and be happy if Apple ever decides to support Fuji X-Trans RAW

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