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Re: New MX 1 first images

jimr wrote:

He has a G12 and is looking for a small travel camera. The MX-1 is not the small travel camera that he wants if he thought it would be much different in size/weight than the G 12 he already has.

"Small" is a relative word, but your above post implied that there is a significant size difference between the G series Canons and the Pentax MX-1.  As the dimension above show, there really isn't. Because of the VF, the G15 is taller, but has a slightly more narrow body (.4 inches).  We are not talking Canon S110 small with either camera.

BTW...13.8 ounces of the MX -1 vs. 10.9 ounces of the G is, IMHO, a significant noticeable difference in weight...

3 ounces (85 grams) is significant difference to you?  Interesting.  For most, that's an almost undetectable weight difference.

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