Fuji X-trans & Apple Aperture

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Re: Fuji X-trans & Apple Aperture

Hanseberhardt wrote:

Maybe in the Mac forum here at DPR, as well as the feedback form.

When they released GH2 support during a big update, I posted in the Mac forum about a bug with the GH2 processing on my system.

Apple contacted me directly, said they had seen the thread on DPR and gave me the access credentials to an FTP server to upload sample files and a system log.

A few weeks later a fix was issued.

Apple seem very responsive to feedback, and it appears, actively go and seek it out. I'm not sure that would extend to the Fuji forum here though!

I think one of three things is happening:

a) They have decided not to support it, like Foveon sensor based camera. Or,

b) They need to wait till Apeture 4 (X) to support it directly because the processing algorithm doesn't fit into their current pipeline. Or,

c) They need to wait 'til Apeture 4 (X), which might introduce a way to plug in third party raw processors into the pipeline, so it will then lie with camera manufacturer to provide an Aperture plug-in.

C is unlikely, but I live in hope! The end of intermediary TIFFs!

Skeptics may say a fourth option is Apple is abandoning Aperture, but while that's always a possibility, it's not one I'm entertaining as likely anytime soon.


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