Shoot at lower MP?

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Re: Shoot at lower MP? How about, shoot your foot?

scorrpio wrote:

However, most people think the whole point of investing in a high-rez digital camera is to shoot high-rez digital pictures, and would never dream of throwing away any of the quality of images they have paid their money for...

Well, the OP never said what kind of camera he has. But the resolution itself is a hint. 1600x1200 is 4x3, typical for a P&S. Large sensor cameras are typically 3x2. A $100 P&S is hardly an 'investment'. And you would be hard-pressed to find a $100 camera these days that's less than 10MP.

If he is resizing down to 5MP, it isn't a low-rez camera, is it?

"Low-rez" means a camera with insufficient pixels to make a decent 10x8. The 10x8" output size is a cusp in photographic image quality. If a camera will make a decent 10x8, it will, in fact, make anything....

...(it happens that 5MP is still sufficient pixels to make perfectly satisfactory 10x8" prints.)

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