D800E with Zeiss 15mm Zf.2

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Again an incomplete review

Mojn wrote:

... in the right corner 14-24... and in the left.... 14-24 too...

Ultrawide comparison

There are only a few apertures checked and the pictures are not 100% identical. And who can tell for sure that focussing was accurate for all lenses. For any conclusions I will wait until some professional reviewers come with their results. And then for the complete range of apertures so we can see how lenses behave over the full line. When looking at my own results and the MTF-figures the Zeiss seems to be optimised for f11 (everything sharp from 1m to infinity and from corner to corner). This might be different with the other lenses. I can understand f11 for the optimal results because such a lens is normally best used with a tripod for exact framing.

Btw, in the end the conclusion of this review is:

"Overall, the Zeiss is the winner for me but regarding the price / value relation the Samyang is the biggest surprise."

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