D800 matrix metering vs. D600 matrix metering.

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Re: D800 matrix metering vs. D600 matrix metering.

Daniel Lauring wrote:

I certainly can see your point, with regard to concert photos. I, on the other hand, am more likely to take a picture in a dimly lit room, using natural light, where I expect the room to get brightened.

What do you mean by "natural light"? I understand this to mean from a window/door and the middle photo in my first example shows how D600 Matrix exposed this correctly. Or if you meant from a lamp, my second example shows how it exposed this correctly also. Either way, I also take photos in many situations like these.

What I found was that for the "problem" to happen, I needed an extremely dark area plus a bright lamp (or any light source I imagine) in the frame. The "subject" needed to be in the dark area and pretty much as dark as the rest of the frame (barely any contrast). Darker than what I would call extremely low light. Well, one time I gave up when I got 1/40 at f/1.8 & ISO 12800 (for non-moving subjects I guess it would be ok).

Do you have any problematic photos other than your test shots with light in the corner? I'm interested especially in "real" photos i.e. ones you actually intended to take and then noticed a problem, such as those you described in another post.

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